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Gateway Information

Given for the first time in 10th grade, the high school Gateway in Social Studies assesses students' language arts and social studies knowledge and skills. In writing his/her essay, a student must use their own knowledge about the topic and pull information from the documents provided. The High School Gateway was developed in response to requests from community and business leaders, along with college and university faculty, for increased proficiency in written communication. In order to be successful beyond high school, graduates must be able to communicate information and knowledge in a clear concise written format. Students must successfully pass all sections of the Gateway exam to graduate from Gwinnett County Public Schools.

Other Gateway preparation help:
Click here to view a special Power Point Presentation on Gateway preparation.
Click here to visit the GCPS District site for guidelines, information and additional preparation links.


The following resources may prove beneficial in preparation for the Gateway assessment:
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Text Documents: Power Point Presentations: (use "Ctrl L" to activate these presentations)
1. River Valley Civilizations River Civilizations
2. Ancient Greece The Greeks (500-300 BC)
3. Ancient Rome Julius Caesar, The Romans
4. India and China

The Mongol Empire

5. Africa and the Americas No power point available
6. The Byzantine Empire and Islam The Byzantine Empire
7. The Middle Ages Feudal Europe
The Crusades
The Rise of Christianity
8. The Renaissance The Renaissance
9. The Age of Exploration and Discovery European Exploration: The Age of Discovery The Conquest of Mexico
10. The Reformation The Protestant Reformation
11. Scientific Revolution The Scientific Revolution
12. The Age of the Absolute Monarchs

Absolute Monarchs of France
The Russian Monarchs

13. English History The Development of Democracy in Great Britain
New Monarchs in England
14. The Age of Enlightenment The Enlightenment/The Age of Reason
15. The Age of Revolutions The Latin American Revolutions
The French Revolution
Napoleon Bonaparte
16. The Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution and the Rise of the Factory System in Great Britain
17. Nationalism and Imperialism The Age of Imperialism
18. World War I

No power point available