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Why Take an AP Course?

AP Courses help you get into college.

Top 5 Factors Influencing College Admission Decisions


Influence on Decision

1.  Grades in college prep courses 73.9%
2.  Standardized test scores (SAT, ACT) 59.3%
3.  Grades in all courses (GPA) 53.7%
4.  Class Rank 31.2%
5.  Essay or writing sample 23.3%
Source: NACAC Admissions Trends Survey, 2005,


Students who take AP Courses are more likely to earn a college degree.

Impact of AP on 5-year College Graduation Rates

Student Group

AP Exam Grade
3, 4 or 5

AP Exam Grade
1 or 2

Took AP class, but not the exam

African American

28% higher

22% higher

16% higher


28% higher

12 % higher

10% higher


33% higher

22% higher

20% higher

Low Income

26% higher

17% higher

12% higher

Not Low Income

34% higher

23% higher

19% higher

Source: Chrys Dougherty, Lynn Mellor, and Shuling Jian, The Relationship Between Advanced Placement and College Graduation (National Center for Educational Accountability, 2005)

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